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I know many of you are interested in building a bow yourself but the start up cost in time, material and shop space is staggering.  This is the perfect oppourtunity for you to finish a bow with a proven design and a minimum of tools.  These blanks also make an excellent oppourtunity for a Father - Son/Daughter to spend some time together while building something all can be proud of.  I'm getting off track here but after working with kids for 30 years it's my opinion that self esteem or confidence actually comes through real accomplishment, lavish praise for a half hour task is nice but misleading.  This is a multi task project that will end with a smooth shooting, hard hitting bow that can be used for life or passed down to the kids.  In other words something anyone will be proud of.  
To build your blank I'll use the same Forms and Materials that I use every day in building my Custom bows. 
This will be a partially finished bow that I will glue up, cut out and tiller for your shooting style.  In order to maintain proper tiller I'll also rough out the arrow shelf and a grip of your choice.  The blanks will come with instructions but soon I'll have a web page built, ready with pictures of each step.  

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Basic Blank starts at $250
 Pictures of Blanks ready to ship
The Blanks can be built from any materials used in custom bows.  Pricing for blanks is on the pricing page and will give you a good price range.  Basic Blanks start at $250. 
The Blanks comes to you already tillered.  String grooves are roughed in, arrow shelf is also roughed in when I know if you are right or left handed.  I also rough on a grip of your choice and size.  A quarter sheet sander and a small chain saw file are the only tools you'll need.  Instructions for finishing a bow are on my website.   
If you have an exceptionally long or short draw length please let me know. 
I usually have some blanks here in the shop I keep listed on the "Shop Bows" page.  Call if you don't see what you want, often I just haven't gotten around to listing everything.  sllongbow@yahoo.com
Your Job
Grip: I will rough out the size and style grip you want then you will use a wood rasp to make sure it fits your hand.  An inexpensive 4-way rasp from Lowes is fine for this job since it's most complete to start.  

Window Shelf:  I'll cut  the shelf and rough it in.  You will use a round, tapered wood rasp to clean out the arrow shelf and make a nice smooth transition up the window.  Dremel tools with the 1/4" sanding drum will also work great here.

Limbs:  Mostly sanding.  The glass edges will need to be really smoothed and rounded over.  The back and belly glass will need to be lightly sanded to remove all tape residue and the original glaze.  This is preparation for applying the finish.  

Limb Tips:  Tip overlays must be applied.  With any reflex/deflex design the string angle requires tips.  This will also make it ok to use more modern, lightweight strings.  I'll include the tip overlay material free and simple directions will come with the bow.  You will use the rasp to shape the tips.  I rough in the string grooves.

String grooves:  I rough in the string grooves.  You will need a small chain saw file to clear and smooth the string nocks.  

Applying the tips and cutting the string grooves are the most difficult part of this kit.  I'll do the work if you feel uncomfortable with your skill level.  Call ahead if you want to look over the directions or I hope to have the "Directions" page with pictures up soon.

Grip Overlay:  A grip overlay will add beauty to your bow and give it a custom look.  It will also give your bow a more rounded feel when you grip it.  I'll include the material free or I'll glue it up for you (see pricing page)  Adding a grip overlay is not a difficult task but it is easier to install before the belly of the grip is rounded into shape, this is expecially true for multiple overlays which can get pretty slippery at glue up time.  Call for directions ahead of time if you wish or look for the "Directions" page.. 

Sanding, lots of sanding: This is basically what I'm selling, those last 4-5 hours of sanding and finishing.  This will be the most time consuming part of the job and with a mask children of any age can do most or at least a good part of this job. 

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